Two Hour Monterey Bay Family & Friends Sailing Cruise

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2 Hours
78 Old Fisherman's Wharf #1
United States
Price Adult
Price Children
Tour Type
Boat Trip, Sailing Tour, Guided Tour
Monterey Bay Sailing is a professional sailing organization established in 1998 whose mission is to offer residents of the Monterey Peninsula communities and visitors an affordable opportunity to sail the central coast. Marine mammals seen frequently include grey, blue and humpback whales who blow, or breach as they migrate with their calves. Sea otters, dolphin and vocal sea lions enjoy one of the most pristine areas of the entire Pacific. On cruises, all sailors are offered a chance to take the helm and discover the grace and beauty of a boat under sail.

Choose a captained cruise for a more relaxing voyage in the world's second largest marine sanctuary. Cruises are safe, affordable, family fun for all ages.