Surf And Turf Tour Package

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two half days
Keweenaw Adventure Company
Copper Harbor
United States
Price Adult
Tour Type
Nature Tour, Eco Tour, Adventure Tour, Bicycle Tour, Kayaking Tour, Guided Tour
At the Keweenaw Adventure Company we offer Sea Kayak and Mountain Bike Tours. For those that want to try both we offer the Surf and Turf Package. Participants should set aside at least two consecutive days for this package. On one day the participants will go on our half day Agate Harbor Sea Kayak tour (location may change due to weather). On the next day the group will go on a Half Day Mountain Bike Tour on Copper Harbor's world class trail system. Each Half Day tour is 4.5 to 5 hours of adventure time.

This package is for at least two participants. Youth can participate if they reach the requirements and after consulting with the family, the KAC owners and guides to ensure safety and full enjoyment!