Gruber Wagon Works And C. Howard Hiester Canal Museum Guided Tour

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1 hour for each museum
1102 Red Bridge Road
United States
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History Tour, Guided Tour
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We have two museums on site and give guided tours of each museum. Our site is open May- October, Tuesday- Sunday.

The Gruber Wagon Works, a National Historical Landmark, is recognized as one of the most complete examples of an integrated rural manufactory of its kind in the United States. Over 19,000 original artifacts are on display to depict the peak years of production in the early 1900s.

The Hiester Canal Center presents the story of the Union Canal and Schuylkill Navigation System in Berks County, Pennsylvania. C. Howard Hiester collected over 1400 artifacts from the Schuylkill Navigation System. As a result, he had the largest private collection of 19th century canal memorabilia in the United States. Visitors will learn how our local canals fit into the larger network of canal systems, the reason for their decline, and what life was like for families living and working on the canals day to day.