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Kaibab national forest is the gateway to the Grand Canyon north rim and is an area that many overlook. We have selected a few overlooks that we think offer a great experience for those interested in Landscape photography. Places like Crazy Jug, Marble Canyon viewpoint, North Timp and Saddle mountain offer a memorable look into the Grand Canyon at a relaxed pace with little or no people in the way.

We think the view into the Grand Canyon is very important as well as the experience for the photographer. Too many times you can get to a great overlook and set up to shoot and then here comes a large bus tours full of people with hawaiian shirts and megaphones. We strive to give you a more peaceful experience and to do this we have to go a little off the beaten path.

Our trips will last 6-7 hours in length and will primarily depart from Kanab Utah. If you are staying anywhere else we can make arrangements to meet in Jacob Lake Arizona just outside the Kaibab national forest. We use comfortable SUV vehicles on our tours and provide lunch and bottled waters on all tours. All you have to do is decide whether you want to join a photography workshop or a tour to these locations without the professional photographer. Either way you will see the north rim Grand Canyon and Kaibab national forrest in a whole new light. Here are the tours available:
Marble Point:
One of the best viewpoints for photography on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is Marble Viewpoint, located in the Kaibab National Forest. Here you'll enjoy a stunning panorama of Marble Canyon, the Vermilion Cliffs, and the distant Painted Desert. Aspens and fir trees provide ample shade for observing the desert below. Very few visitors to the North Rim will get to experience this special location!
Saddle Mountain Viewpoint:
Among the North Rim's best-kept secrets is a viewpoint that lies just outside the national park called Saddle Mountain View. Located in the Kaibab National Forest, Saddle Mountain View offers an excellent chance to photograph the Grand Canyon, Marble Canyon, the North Rim, and the Painted Desert. This is a high-altitude viewpoint, where a thick forest of aspens and spruce trees ensures cool afternoons for gazing at the landscape. Hiking trails make it easy to stretch out and explore. Tour lasts 6-7 Hours.
Crazy Jug Point:
The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a world apart from the more popular South Rim. Visitors to the North Rim can count on a quieter, more natural setting in which to enjoy the Grand Canyon. One of the most interesting places to do this is Crazy Jug Point, a remote viewpoint that overlooks the Grand Canyon?' lesser-seen western stretch. From here you'll be able to take in rarely-seen vistas of both the North and South Rims. Tour lasts 6-7 Hours.
The western edge of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is a special place that few visitors to the national park will ever see. This quiet part of the Canyon presents numerous opportunities for photographers who want to capture a different side of the world-famous gorge. One of the most scenic viewpoints here is called North Timp Point, which offers a panoramic view of the western Grand Canyon. Tour lasts 6-7 Hours.