Monuments And Memorials

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3.5 hours
Renwick Gallery, 1661 Pennsylvania Ave NW
Washington DC
United States
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City Tour, Photography Tour, Walking Tour, Guided Tour
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The Monuments and Memorials safari provides basic instruction on all aspects of travel photography, explains F-stops, shutter speeds, white balance, ISO settings and reviews composition techniques for taking pictures of people and places. Highly rated by customers on Trip Advisor, it is the most popular of all the 140 different photo safari itineraries offered by Washington Photo Safari.

The Monuments and Memorials workshop, offered Wednesdays and Saturdays, takes you to some of DC’s most popular attractions: White House, Lafayette Park, the Einstein, Lincoln, Korea, and Vietnam Three Servicemen Memorials, and finally to Union Station, where you learn to make all the moving people DISAPPEAR!

The instructor begins the Safari with a 45-minute travel photography orientation, giving you basic tips in composition, F-stops and shutter speeds, portraiture, and interior photography. While you are taking pictures, you receive hands-on guidance on how to make those images even better! Advanced and smartphone photographers will appreciate the instructor’s extensive knowledge of the best camera angles in DC. This is suggested as a preliminary course before taking special safaris. Open to any photographers at any skill level with any camera, phone, or tablet.