Climbing In The Bogota Countryside: Suesca, Sutatausa And Machetá

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3 days
Price Adult
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Nature Tour, Sports Tour, Adventure Tour, Private Tour, Guided Tour
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Spend three days sport climbing, bouldering and doing multi-pitch traditional routes in the beautiful mountain environs of Colombia’s capital city. Private transportation from Bogota included.

Activities and trip highlights:
• Climb in three areas with different rock types, environments and climbing disciplines (sport climbing, bouldering and traditional climbing)
• Enjoy camping in a forest surrounded by cliffs, hills and boulders


Bogota is not only Colombia’s center for government, industry, culture and arts, it is also the country’s center for rock climbing. The mountains and valleys around Bogota have the highest concentration of climbing areas in the country and they are all within a couple of hours of the city. This climbing trip takes you to three of the best destinations and lets you experience the full spectrum of Colombian rock climbing: from 8 foot (2.5 meter) boulder problems to 400 foot (120 meter) traditional routes; from following bolts in balmy Machetá to cleaning cams in the cool climate of Suesca. This trip is also a great way to see the Cundinamarca department’s stunning Andean landscape.

Whether you are an enthusiastic novice, a seasoned crusher, or a sporadic climber who just enjoys getting out in nature, this is an extraordinary adventure that will stand out in your climbing memories.

Note: If you want to focus on a particular place or type of climbing (e.g. sport climbing only) we are happy to customize this trip for you.


Day 1: Sport Climbing in Machetá
Day 2: Bouldering in Sutatausa
Day 3: Multi-pitch Traditional Climbing in Suesca