La Guajira: Where The Desert Meets The Sea

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6 days
Riohacha airport
La Guajira
Price Adult
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Nature Tour, Wildlife Tour, Eco Tour, Adventure Tour, Driving Tour, Private Tour, Guided Tour
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Take an unforgettable 4x4 journey through the sand dunes, beaches and oases of the Guajira desert and its Caribbean coast. Immerse yourself in the culture of the Wayuu people. Set foot on the northernmost point of South America.

Activities and trip highlights:
• Walk over sand dunes, swim in the Caribbean Sea and hike through an oasis
• Go on exciting 4x4 rides on rugged trails
• Relax in picturesque beaches and see stunning landscapes
• Observe flamingos and hundreds of other bird species in their natural habitat
• Get to know the Wayuu and learn about their culture
• Eat traditional Colombian Caribbean food. Seafood and lobsters galore!

The Guajira is a peninsula in the northernmost tip of South America, a thumb of land sticking out into the Caribbean Sea. It is a harsh but wondrous place. Dunes of fine golden sand roll out to meet the sea and make beaches appear endless. Flamingos, pelicans and hundreds of other bird species flock to this arid area and flourish in the lush mangroves of its bays. In the middle of a barren desert rises the Macuira mountain range, an oasis of cloud forests, streams and waterfalls. The Guajira is the land of the Wayuu, an indigenous people that have thrived in the unforgiving desert environment for centuries.

In this trip you take a Land Cruiser to travel through this amazing region. Your driver will be a Wayuu, as only the people of this land can navigate its ever-changing trails and landscape. You will visit all of La Guajira’s different environments, see its diverse flora and fauna, and get to know its people. The Guajira is a unique and magical place; come experience its beaches, deserts, wildlife and culture in this Colombian adventure like no other.

Day 1: Flora and Fauna Sanctuary of the Flamingos
Day 2: Cabo de la Vela
Day 3: Bahía Honda, Puerto Estrella and Nazareth
Day 4: Macuira National Park
Day 5: Punta Gallinas
Day 6: La Boquita Beach and Return to Riohacha