Train Of The Andes Landscapes Formed By The Whisper Of Volcanoes And Snow-capped Mountains

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Tren Crucero is currently the most stunning vintage adventure in all South America. This train ride will take you on an exceptional trip across different ages and periods of Ecuadorian history. Its convoy features four different coaches, each one with its own style that reflects the Ecuadorian history and culture.
Upon your arrival, a professional crew will be expecting you with the warmest welcome. The same crew will accompany the passengers throughout the whole journey, offering an unmatched and personalized service.

Selected hotels in every location have been carefully chosen to provide the comfort, care, and relaxation that complete this exquisite journey.

In this journey on board Tren Crucero we climb 3600 meters in barely 450 km, experiencing one of the most dramatic changes in vegetation and scenery in the world. From the fertile plains in the coast, we climb to the highlands in the Andes through the mythical Devil’s Nose pass. Riding across the Avenue of Volcanoes we reach Quito, Cultural World Heritage by UNESCO, to continue to Otavalo, amidst the Northern Andes, where we will explore the Quichua culture, skills, and traditions and have lunch in a very singular hacienda, a midst export-class roses. In the evening we return to Quito.

DAY 1: DURAN (GUAYAQUIL) – YAGUACHI – NARANJITO – BUCAY *Stretch Durán to Yaguachi operated with the steam engine: We depart from Durán in the coast early in the morning, our heritage convoy pulled by a vintage steam engine. We switch engines in Yaguachi and continue across rice, sugar cane, banana and pineapple plantations to Naranjito. Lunch is served in a traditional hacienda, where we will learn about the best cocoa bean in the world and taste home-made chocolate.
After a show of Montubio culture, we continue our trip towardsBucay. If the day is clear, we will get tour first glimpse of the Andes in the distance.
Meals included: -/L/D

D2 - QUITO – URBINA - RIOBAMBA: We board our convoy at Quito Chimbacalle station and begin our journey south along the Avenue of Volcanoes. If the weather permits, you can spot up to twenty volcanoes from the train –most extinct or dormant for centuries.

Here, the Andes range splits into two arms that run parallel down south. The fertile valley trapped between these stone walls host a treasure trove of biodiversity. From the comfort of our panoramic cars, we watch the change of vegetation and landscape as we slowly climb the Andean highlands to Urbina, the highest point in our itinerary at 11,800 feet above sea level. In the skirts of Mount Chimborazo, we meet the last ice-merchant and learn the story of his ancestral trade.
Meals included: B/L/D

D3 - RIOBAMBA –DEVIL´S NOSE VIEWPOINT – BUCAY: We depart Riobamba towards Colta, where the Spanish conquerors built their first settlement in Ecuador. We cross colorful quinoa fields painted in purples, yellows, and reds, alternating with endemic species of flora and wildlife, indigenous settlements and the remains of ancient cultures.
We visit the Guamote market, one of the last indigenous markets in the Andes, before continuing south towards the mythical Devil’sNosepass. A vertiginous descent of 450 meters zigzag takes us from the Andean highlands down towards the coastal plains.We continue our descent along the narrowChanchán river gorge and crossing an impressive cloud forest towards the temperate city of Bucay.
Meals included: B/L/D

D4 - BUCAY –DURAN – GUAYAQUIL: The landscape changes again as the train leaves the tropical forest behind. Rice, sugar cane, pineapple, and banana plantations pass before our eyes. We have lunch at the traditional hacienda, where we can learn about the growing and harvesting of the best cocoa bean in the world. Later, the steam engine white sits way across the fields towards the shores of the Pacific Ocean and the end of our trip to a hotel in Guayaquil for overnight.

Meals included: B/L/-