Terms and conditions - Tour Operators


1. Acceptance Of Tour Listings

TripsTreksAndTours.com may at its absolute discretion decline to publish or to omit, suspend or change the position of any listing. Tour operators may add a listing for each trip or tour they provide.

2. Management Of Your Advertising

It is the tour operators responsibility to ensure that listing details are complete, accurate and up to date.

All text and images uploaded to TripsTreksandTours.com are your responsibility. Advertisers must own, or have full rights to, and images uploaded to listing pages. TripsTreksandTours.com will not be held liable for any copyright claims or losses that result from images or text that you submit.

TripsTreksAndTours.com reserves the right to edit or remove advertising copy and images if it is deemed to be of insufficient quality, inaccurate or inappropriate.

3. Cost of Tour Listings

There are no charges for adding a standard tour listing, and there are no charges or commission payable on any business gained from a listing.

4. Featured Tour Listings

A setup fee of £49.00 GBP is payable for Featured tour listings, after which your Featured listing will remain on the site as a Featured tour listing, free of charge for 365 days.

5. Sponsored Listings Cancellation And Returns Policy

Featured tour listings may only be cancelled before they are published on TripsTreksAndTours.com. No refunds will be given after publication or at any time during a period of advertising.

6. Disputes

The customer indemnifies TripsTreksAndTours.com in respect of any liability to any third party howsoever arising from this agreement.

TripsTreksAndTours.com liability to the customer is limited to a sum equivalent of the fee paid by the customer in the last six months.

The parties agree to use their best efforts to resolve any disputes without the recourse to proceedings in the courts. The customer and TripsTreksAndTours.com agree to give each other at least 28 days notice should proceedings be contemplated.

7. Contact

You agree to receive occasional emails from TripsTreksAndTours.com that pertain to your account status, updates, features or new products.

8. Our details

8.1 This website is owned and operated by TripsTreksandTours.com.

8.2 You can contact us using our website contact form.