Classic Cambridge Guided Walking Tour

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2 hours
East End of Great St Mary's Church facing the Market Square
United Kingdom
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City Tour, History Tour, Culture Tour, Walking Tour, Private Tour, Guided Tour
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A private 2 hour walking tour for just you and your group (and no one else!).
The tour covers the history, achievements, characters, famous people, architecture and stories of both the city and the University. The tour will include a visit inside one of the famous Cambridge Colleges to experience an old courtyard and visit the College Chapel. (except when closed for the examination period in May).
Wonder at the architecture of King's College Chapel and see Trinity, the college founded by Henry VIII and where Isaac Newton and Lord Byron studied. Plenty of stories, anecdotes and at least one of the famous student pranks.
We aim to inform and entertain and make your Cambridge experience special.
Total cost for the whole group (up to 20 persons) is £95.