London By Night Bike Tour

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3 hours
1 Gabriel's Wharf, 56 Upper Ground, London, SE1 9PP
United Kingdom
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City Tour, Eco Tour, Sports Tour, Culture Tour, Photography Tour, Bicycle Tour, Guided Tour
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Discover London from an entirely different perspective. At night, she transforms into an illuminated wonderland. The already stunning architecture dons its most colourful finery for the evening, so why not soak it up with a recreational cycle ride under the dark night sky. Explore the streets as the city lights up. Enjoy an evening to remember with some of the most spectacular sights that take on a mystifyingly new personality at twilight.

London Bicycle Tour Company invites you to join us on our London by Night Tour. London is a splendid city to see by bicycle at night. All the buildings and monuments are lit up against the backdrop of the dark sky. Traffic is quieter. It’s a fantastic tour for taking photographs.

We begin at Gabriel’s Wharf on the Southbank, with safely lit up bicycles, and head East to the fabulous Tower Bridge, and St Katherine’s dock, Through the lit up City of London to St Paul’s Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, the Tate Modern Art Gallery.

Along the River we continue to to the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament. Crossing the river right past ‘Big Ben’ we see the Houses of Parliament all lit up, and then the imposing towers of Westminster Abbey (Royal Wedding venue). After this we head towards Horse Guard’s parade and see the Government buildings, Followed by Admiralty Arch, Trafalgar Square, and getting amongst the evening street theatre of Covent Garden.

We can also tailor this night tour to your group's needs, if you'd like to make a private booking.