London Coffee Explorer Tasting Pack For One

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At your own pace!
You choose where to go!
United Kingdom
Price Adult
£19.50 + P&P
Price Seniors
£19.50 + P&P
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City Tour, Food and Drink Tour, Walking Tour, Self Guided Tour
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Lost without your daily coffee? This is for you.

Discover London's artisan coffee scene, tasting a selection of coffees as you explore London.

Each stylish Explorer Pack contains a curated map of more than 100 of London's best coffee shops. Eight coffee companies have been carefully selected and partnered with, to offer excellent lattes, flat whites, cold brew and more. Activate your pack on your phone, click redeem onsite and show a staff member to collect your caffeine hit. You'll also unlock a delicious deal to take advantage of at the same time.

You have nine months to use the Explorer Cards, so use them whenever you need a caffeine boost! *

The Explorer Packs include tasting guides, a glossary, fun facts and recipes. Everything you could want to fast track becoming a coffee snob!

Packs for 2 allow you to explore with a friend and get a coffee each in every location. Double the fun.

* We recommend not trying to complete the London Coffee Explorer Pack in one day. :-)